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Mould Removal Service London

Mould Remediation/Removal, Ideal Response, London

0808 252 7029

5 Celebration Avenue, London, Greater London E20 1DB, United Kingdom

24/7 Service

Mould Remediation/Removal, Ideal Response, London Ideal Cleaning has over 15 years of commercial cleaning experience. In that time, our services have been called upon to clean Health Facilities, Street Cleaning, High-profile sports venues, Confined Spaces, Education facilities and much more across London and the South East.Read more…

ADB Services UK – London

London, United Kingdom

8:00-5:00 week days

ADB Services UK – London We’re a small family business, operating for over 30 years. We’re friendly, English tradesmen,clean & considerate in peoples homes. Fully insured, sensible prices. We undertake all types of work, small to large scale maintenance, plumbing & electrical.Read more…